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 Derby Rules

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PostSubject: Derby Rules   Derby Rules EmptyMon Feb 29, 2016 2:20 pm

Derby rules 2/29/16

We are currently doing alternating derbies. One week will be dedicated to those that want to play to win. That means everyone does all 10 tasks at 320 pts each. Also keeping the board cleared is a priority otherwise the 320 tasks won't be available. Also completing tasks in a timely manner is helpful since most likely the first teams to finish all their tasks are those that will place in the top 3. If you don't want to commit to this level of playing them opt out of the derby in the advanced settings.

The next week will be a more relaxed derby. By that I mean everyone will only be required to do 9 tasks, the 10th task is optional. The tasks will be 315 and up. The goal of this derby is to stay out of the bottom 3 so that we don't drop a level. Also it's to give everyone a chance to play without spending diamonds to do the extra tasks. Team participation is important so please be helpful to each other and also in keeping the board cleared. If you can't commit to this then please opt out of the derby in the advanced settings.

The derby is optional to everyone and those that play enjoy it, so please remember that if you play you are doing so in a team environment and some level of commitment is required based on the type of derby you join in to. Please do not make changes to the amount of tasks you do or the task points you complete. These rules are set to be fair to everyone. If something comes up and you are unable to complete your part then let myself or Singing know and you will need to opt out of the following derbies until further notice. Failure to follow our group rules or derby rules will result in us asking you to leave the neighborhood.

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Derby Rules
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