For members of the Catnip Anonymous HayDay neighborhood.
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 Our Hood Rules

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PostSubject: Our Hood Rules   Our Hood Rules EmptyTue Jul 21, 2015 2:12 pm

Rule 1 - No Begging
Everyone within the neighborhood should freely ask for what they need.  This rule pertains to people who hop from hood to hood for the purpose of begging for expensive items while having no intention of contributing to the neighborhood.

Rule 2 - No Stealing
If two people within the neighborhood discuss a trade on the chat board do not go to their roadside shop and steal the trade item.

Rule 3 - Be An Active Member
The fun and benefits of being in a neighborhood is that everyone participates in helping each other out, saying hello in chat, and generally being a part of the activities.  While we know that not everyone enjoys being chatty or silly, please at least say hello from time to time so we know that you are active.  If you need to take a break from HayDay you must post the dates you will be gone in the "I'm Leaving - I'm Back" forum.

Rule 4 - Be Polite
Please remember to be polite.  When communicating over the internet there is no way to see facial expressions or body language.  This can make it difficult to read someones intentions.  Being polite will insure that everyone feels respected.  An example:  If you need a sandwich just typing "Need sandwich" in the chat can come across as abrupt.  Asking "does anyone have a sandwich?" sounds nicer.  It's also nice to say thanks and offer something in trade, or ask the person giving you the sandwich if they need anything in return.

Other Important Rules
1 - F.A.R.T. does not pass gas.  F.A.R.T stands for Feline Alien Research Technologies - No fart jokes!
2 - Do not feed Stray Cat Style, Especially tuna.
3 - Do not pee in Ambers pool!
4 - Tobe has a chicken hiding behind a tree near his house - Do not mess with it!
5 - No stealing beer from Stray's barn, unless you are giving it to Tobe.
6- There are no pictures or proof of any kind that Singing River farms while in the restroom at work.  Do not make accusations!
7- Red Cap Cat stands vigilant against the Armadillo Army with platoons of Prairie Dogs and Polar Bears.  Do not offer aide to either sides of this cold-war in the making.  We hope for a peaceful outcome.

Other important rules will be added here as we think of them.
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Our Hood Rules
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